Himanshu Pandya, an award-winning photographer specializing in automotive, lifestyle, and tourism photography, brings over two decades of experience to his vibrant portfolio. From capturing the allure of luxury cars to the enchantment of global landscapes, Himanshu's lens captures a spectrum of vivid stories.

Inspired by an itinerant childhood, Himanshu is an observer of life's rhythms and emotions. He curates scenes that transcend frames, a testament to his upbringing amidst serene fields, idyllic small towns, as well as the vibrant energy of bustling cities.

Based in both New York and Mumbai, Himanshu's work is a journey that crosses borders and cultures, revealing the world's tapestry of beauty and intrigue. Beyond his lens, he also shares his expertise through captivating photography workshops and expeditions, connecting fellow enthusiasts with the art and craft of photography. His upcoming photo adventure in Gujarat, India, in January 2025, promises to be a vibrant exploration of creativity and discovery.

Photo by Derek Fahsbender